How can I monitor and manage in easy way the capacity of more than 80,000 trunkgroups of such pan-European Voice and VoIP networks?

vontec is developed to help users monitor huge number of trunkgroups of different types e.g. Access/Customer trunks, Inter-Machine-Trunks (IMT), Interconnect trunks. User can manage trunkgroups in her/his watchlists.

vontec provides reports that show historical data of traffic volume, call statistics, trunk usage, trunk status etc. of trunkgroups. It can help us detect traffic flow problems such as out-of-service trunks, all trunk busy conditions, or call blocking which ensures uninterrupted voice services to the customers.

Keep revenue for voice services high and increase customer trust with SLA assurance!

vontec performs real-time monitoring of network quality parameters ASR (Answer Seizure Ratio), NER (Network Effectiveness Ratio) and PDD (Post Dial Delay) per destination and per routing plan e.g. Wholesale, Retail. A real-time alert notification is available for network operation engineer. He is responsible for optimizing call routing in term of voice quality and economy, but also for routing adjustment of calls with low ASR to guarantee SLA's and to reduce revenue loss.

vontec is developed to provide a single environment to support regional network planning and traffic engineering across different countries and networking technologies (Nortel, Siemens, Cisco, Sonus). It generates reports based on the switch traffic measurement, device logs and CDR's (Call Detail Record). Several reports are available for the network capacity management and network quality monitoring.